Art Nocturne Knocke

This year, Art Nocturne Knocke will receive a new dynamic formula. Attracting important art dealers who collaborate at an international level on creations and presentations at a place where quality and originality prevail.

Not only the art world and the art market but also the interiors of the collectors and art lovers now look completely different.

Everyone, young and not so young, are now looking for a mixture of antique, modern and contemporary art and design from various styles, periods and continents, presented in an eclectic setting, which are both qualitatively and refreshingly contemporary.

Not only does the selected range and dynamic approach inspire but for all those who love art and savoir vivre, the exclusive and mundane seaside resort of the Belgian coast located in Knokke, is a networking paradise.

Exclusively experiencing art and enjoying the summer atmosphere at the sea is what Art Nocturne Knocke is all about!