Having your works of art appraised and selling them to the Gallery Dil might be indeed the best solution for you.

A free appraisal at the most accurate price

To give a value to a work of art is nothing easy. For a given painter and independently from the size of the painting, prices may vary on a scale from 1 to 10 depending on complex and technical criteria's like date, subject, colors, historical references etc. At Gallery Dil we dedicate a 100% of our time to Bernard Buffet, as a consequence we believe our understanding and knowledge of his work enable us to precisely estimate what is the market value of what you want to sell.

Payment cash

Once we agree on the price, payment will be done to you immediatly, in its totality and in the most secure way without any additional charges. Most of the time, when you sell through an Auction House a delay of 3 to 4 months is necessary between the moment you give the requirement to sell and the moment you receive the payment.

Private sales

Transactions remain confidential and prices are not public.

A net price

In most Auction Houses, seller charges plus buyer premium represent around 45% of the value of the item. For instance if your painting is estimated 100.000 dollars and sells for that price, (buyer premium included) what you will receive net for you will be 55.000 dollars. On the opposite the price that we give, is a net price for you.